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25 December 2010

Watch the Peter Pan Cup

Whilst you're relaxing at home on Christmas Day, wondering whether to get out of bed, down in Hyde Park the members of the Serpentine Swimming Club are preparing for a different sort of treat. Every year since 1864 they have come together for a 100 yard Christmas day swim now known as the 'Peter Pan Cup', in reference to Peter Pan creator JM Barrie, who was a patron of the race.

The race is only open to members, on a handicap system, as it is thought that for anyone who has not spent the time getting used to swimming in waters usually around 4 degrees centigrade the shock could prove fatal. Unfortunately, this means your author will not be allowed to take part, which really should be considered a blessing.

The race takes place at 9am. For more information, see http://www.serpentineswimmingclub.com/christmas_day_race.htm

^Picture © ran hou used with permission^

1 comment:

  1. Hats off to them.
    They are correct, cold water shock can be a killer, even in the summer when the air temperatures are very warm, that is why you should never jump or dive into water.
    Lecture over - happy Christmas. :-)