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7 December 2010

Meet the animals at the Clore Rainforest Lookout

Opened in 2007 at London Zoo, aka ZSL, the Clore Rainforest Lookout allows visitors to get up into the rainforest canopy, face to face with tamarins, monkeys, marmosets, lemurs and pygmy marmosets. There is also an opportunity to wander at ground level and experience life on the forest floor.

Your author is constantly boring friends by talking about how London can provide all that life can afford, especially on grim wintry days like we have been having recently. However, as you trudge the street complaining of damp feet, or pointlessly press buttons in your featureless office, it's worth remembering that within half an hour you could be walking in the rainforest right in the middle of London.

Unfortunately, this being London Zoo, it can cost up to £19.80 per person to visit in peak season (full price list here), but a lot of that money does do towards conservation. ZSL London Zoo is open every day of the year except Christmas Day. For more information, click here.

^Picture © Louise Ireland used under Creative Commons^


  1. Great suggestion! I visited the new rainforest area back in May and had one of the golden lion tamarins walk right up to me on *my* side of the glass of his enclosure! I also thought the Night Life section of the rainforest was especially cool and well worth a look.

  2. Brilliant Karen, thanks for the report.

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  5. Last time I was in Clore Rainforest Lookout, I had been standing there for some time with my backpack at my feet, leaning over the glass to watch the animals. An emperor tamarin jumped onto the barrier and examined another guy's hat, then a few minutes later a golden lion tamarin came under the barrier and sat on my bag. I could have touched it, it was so close.