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11 December 2010

Meet friends at the Eros Statue

Popularly known as Eros, actually designed to be his brother Anteros, and also referred to as The Angel of Christian Charity, the statue at Piccadilly Circus is amongst the most popular meeting places in London at any time of the day.

Sitting atop the Victorian Shaftesbury Monument Memorial Fountain, which was designed by London-born Aesthetic sculptor Sir Alfred Gilbert, it is often described as being symbolic of London, the statue featured on the Evening Standard masthead until the recent redesign.

The whole sculpture was a memorial to Lord Shaftesbury's philanthropy and Anteros, as the God of Selfless Love, was thought to represent the philanthropic 7th Earl perfectly. For more information, click here.

^Picture © Chilli Head used under Creative Commons^


  1. hehe I have a feeling you might off got this of Ian Hislops Victorian do-gooders. If not then I just have and stumbled across your lovely site :)

  2. I'm afraid I've never heard of any such programme by the little gremlin, but it sounds worth a watch.

  3. a word of advice - dont ever drink to much and try and climb the statue!