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3 August 2009

Watch a play at the Globe Theatre

Shakespeare's original Globe Theatre was built in 1599 by Shakespeare's playing company and destroyed by a fire about 15 years later. A new Globe was built on the same site within a year of the fire, and was closed in the early 1640s.

In 1997, a new Globe Theatre opened on the Southbank, designed to very similar specifications to the original and showing Shakespeare's plays to new audiences only a short distance from the site of the original.

There are a number of plays on offer in summer 2009 including Romeo & Juliet, As You Like It and Troilus & Cressida. Standing tickets are available in the yard from £5, but you will really be happier sitting down (from £15), especially for longer plays. For more information, and to book tickets, visit http://www.shakespeares-globe.org.

Click here to see the location on a map.

^Picture from Flickr courtesy of jig o'dance^

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