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26 August 2009

Tour the London Transport Museum Acton Depot

The London Transport Museum’s Acton Depot is only open roughly twice a year, and is a real treasure trove of london transport odds and ends.

The depot opened in 1999, and houses any of the museum's extensive collections which cannot be displayed at the main museum in Covent Garden, covering 6,000 square metres and 370,000 items. Everything London transport related is here, including posters, signs, models, photographs, engineering drawings and uniforms, as well as rolling stock including buses, trams, trolleybuses, and other vehicles.

And, even better, it's open for guided tours this Friday and Saturday (28th and 29th August). Tours take place at 11.00 and 14.00 and cost £10. Failing that, the next open weekend is on 10th and 11th October.

For more information on this weekend click here, or click here for information about the open day in October.

^Picture by James Cridland^


  1. Sounds pretty cool actually - adds to list of stuff to do on qype

  2. Been wanting to go for ages, since the LT Museum was redeveloped a lot of interesting stuff ended up in there, as well as items already there (the first London Trolleybus, which looks fantastically bizarre, is in there). Looks like the October open day is the one for me

  3. I did my interior guiding exam in the LT Museum Covent Garden earlier this year and although I admit to being a bit of an anorak researching and learning 17 five minute stops about different items in the museum has put me off transport museums for the foreseeable future.