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12 August 2009

Drink on the roof of a Peckham car park

It was only a matter of time before some trendy art school skanks decided that South London car parks were 'cool' and Franks is a prime example of where that concept inevitably leads: a tent and some portaloos on the roof of a multi-storey in Peckham Rye selling campari and lemonade and bottles of beer out of a dustbin.

Nevertheless, it's actually fairly pleasant. Not often in London do you get a bar which is almost entirely in the open air and has such fantastic views back towards the City, Docklands and the West End. The food isn't too bad either.

Time Out tells us that Frank's will be there until 30th September, so you have a while yet to visit, but pick your night well. There isn't much cover.

To access Frank's, take the Heaven and Hell lifts to the right of the Peckham Multiplex to the top floor and keep going up through the car park until you reach the top. There is also 'art' of questionable quality. For a menu, visit http://www.frankscafe.org.uk/.

^Picture of the view from Franks on a good night by the author^


  1. Plus if you go by bike, you can cycle all the way up the semi-disused car park, and when you've finished, cycle all the way down again, which is lots of fun.

  2. I do enjoy your turn of phrase and witty cynicism Thomas. The first paragraph made me laugh out loud, twice.