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24 August 2009

Tour Spencer House

Built for an ancestor of Princess Diana in the 1700s, Spencer House was returned to its original style by one of the Rothschilds in the 1980s.

Sure, for most of us that sounds pointless and like there's no reason for visiting, but you never know who's reading. Maybe someone who loves Princess Diana loads and loads...

The house is open every Sunday, except during January and August, from 10.30am - 5.45 pm by guided tour and tickets cost £9. Your author promises to try to find something better to do tomorrow, as this sounds a bit dull!

^Picture from wikipedia^


  1. Incidentally Diana Princess of Wales never lived there but Spencer House is on my long list of things to do in London. When it was first built in the mid 18th C no expense was spared the 1st Earl wanting to basically show off his wealth. Unfortunately when the Spencers moved to Althorp in the 1920s they not only took furniture but fireplaces, skirting boards, doors etc. Lord Rothschild has spent 10 years and £17m refurbishing it so think it is worth a visit.

  2. Fair enough...it actually sounds ok. Late last night when I was putting it together, however, I wasn't so sure...