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15 January 2009

Watch a trial at the Old Bailey

Obviously this one has the potential to be a bit hit-and-miss, but it's worth noting that the public galleries at the Old Bailey are open daily from Monday to Friday 10am - 1pm and 2pm - 5pm for members of the public to watch trials in session.

It's one of the most famous courts in the world, and has been London's principal court for hundreds of years. The court's real name is the Central Criminal Court, but everyone knows it as the Old Bailey, and it takes it's nickname from the road on which it stands, which follows the line of the City's ancient fortified wall, or Bailey.

There's been a court here since at least the 17th Century and over that time it has seen the trials of figures as diverse as the Kray Twins, Dr Crippen, Jeremy Thorpe and the Yorkshire Ripper, and who knows, maybe you could see someone equally infamous (though perhaps not).

For more information visit the Court's page on the City of London Website here. The entrance is down an alleyway off Old Bailey and it is worth noting that visitors are not allowed to bring bags, cameras or mobile phones into the court, and there is nowhere to leave these items.

^Picture from wikipedia under Wikimedia Commons ^


  1. I'll be the star attraction at the court if the Surrey Police ever discover the bodies of my now deceased enemies, but given their track record of detecting skills (or should it be lack of?) sadly my chances of becoming infamous are negligible, But - - - - - - ?

  2. If the Surrey Police had the detecting skills of a demented slug I would be a star attraction at the Old Bailey, but sadly, the dismembered bodies of my ex-enemies will remain undiscovered somewhere in the beautiful Surrey countryside.

  3. There is a small cafe across the road they charge two or three pounds and you can leave your personal items there.

  4. Can't wait till the Woolwich murder trial.. I bet you any Money the public will be barred for that trial..