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24 January 2009

Grab a drink at the Tate 7th Floor Bar

For most people, the Tate Modern is London's free-est art gallery, and is sometimes worthy of a visit for a special exhibition but it has a lot more. Shops, Cafes, a Restaurant, a member's room and various other hidden treasures.

For poorer members of society like your author, regular trips to the shop and restaurant are prohibitively expensive, so the remaining draw is a swift half in the bar on the 7th floor. Sure, it's relatively expensive at around £4 for a bottle of beer, but it does have an excellent view to St Paul's Cathedral and the City and from seven floors up, it's a view that you just can't see anywhere else.

To get to the bar (unless you have very strong legs), you're best to take the lift from the ground floor. There are only a few seats but you'll usually get one if you're there for a while. The Tate website keeps it quiet but the bar is next to the restaurant on the 7th Floor and is open similar hours.

1 comment:

  1. Yes, the bar is one of our favourite Friday night treats, especially round dusk.

    A glass of wine is a bit more expensive than in a Wetherspoon's, but the extra quid you pay is well compensated for by the view.

    And actually, as a casual slurper, you get a better view than in the restaurant (most of the tables are away from the window). The bar along the window at the right as you go in usually has space, and as people there generally are only on a glass of wine each, we've never had to wait longer than five mins for a free slot.