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25 January 2009

Learn the importance of a good old fashioned Caff

Classic Cafes is a website devoted to some of London's more distinctive cafes. We're talking traditional cafes here, but if we're going to use the words 'greasy' and 'spoon' they better be whispered because this is serious stuff.

Sadly, however, they're a dying breed with many, such as the infamous New Piccadilly Cafe, recently closed. Who knows whether the credit crunch will be the making or breaking of these old favourites, but either way there's no excuse for not trying the ones that are still open.

Your author has to admit he has neglected his duties to London's classic cafes so far, and there really is no excuse, so expect to see more of these (with due deference and links to classic cafes' author) featured here as and when we make the journey.

For more information on London's classic Cafes visit the website at http://www.classiccafes.co.uk/.

^Picture of New Piccadilly Cafe (rip) from flickr courtesy of malias ^

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