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11 January 2009

Ride London's free passenger ferry

It is easy to forget that London still has a free scheduled ferry service. But out at Woolwich that's exactly what we have, quietly chugging away across the Thames every ten minutes from 6.10am until 8pm every day (11.30am-7.30pm Sundays).

A ferry has plied this route since the fourteenth century, and the free ferry has been in operation since 1889, and is still going strong.

However, now may be your time to ride the service, as it has a new challenger in the form of the DLR extension to Woolwich Arsenal, which opened yesterday, and passes through a new tunnel across the Thames near the ferry. Read more about that over at the Londonist.

You can read more interesting facts about London's remaining free passenger service over on Wikipedia.

^Picture from flickr courtesy of Nicobobinus ^

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