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6 January 2015

Stand at the exact centre of London

This week, we are told, London will become the largest it has ever been. It is easy to forget that this city which has always seemed so busy has until now never surpassed the 8.615 million population peak it experienced in 1939, as the dark days of war approached. But now, London is becoming the biggest it has ever been, buoyed by nearly a million extra people since 2001 and nearly two million since 1981, when the population was just 6.8 million.

To get the real measure of modern London it is perhaps best to stand at its heart, and a small plaque at the top of Whitehall, beside a statue of Charles I marks the traditional centre of London, where once an Eleanor Cross stood, and from which all mileages in London are traditionally measured.

For more, see http://www.londontoolkit.com/blog/visiting/bobs-oddities/the-spot-that-marks-the-centre-of-london/ or for alternative centres of London see http://londonist.com/tags/centre-of-london

^Picture © Dario SuĊĦanj (velikabritanija) used under a Creative Commons license^

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