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27 January 2015

Country postcard - Stay at 10 North Street, Cromford

Spending too much time in the same place is not good for the soul, so your author seized a gap in his January diary and spent three days over the weekend in Derbyshire, staying at the Landmark Trust's 10 North Street. This beautiful little worker's cottage in Cromford is in the middle of a World Heritage Site and was part of the first planned industrial housing in the world, connected to Richard Arkwright's pioneering cotton mill on the River Derwent.

The street was built in 1771 by Arkwright for the workers at what was then a groundbreaking water-wheel powered cotton mill, which can be visited just down the hill thanks to the Arkwright Society. Cromford's other highlights are the excellent Scarthin Books, and its proximity to the beauty of the Peak District. The house itself was a magical little place, with a warming fire in the range, views from the windows over the surrounding rooftops, twisty stairs, and an excellent pub on the street. If only all planned workers housing could have been like this, the world would be a better place.

For more, see http://www.landmarktrust.org.uk/search-and-book/properties/north-street-9834/

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