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28 January 2015

Cross Clattern Bridge, Kingston-upon-Thames

Possibly Greater London's oldest original bridge, the Clattern Bridge crosses the River Hogsmill close to the centre of Kingston-upon-Thames. We are told variously that some of the bottom half dates from "the 12th century" or "from 1293", a date taken from the earliest recorded document which names it. The top half, meanwhile, features 18th century brick and 19th century iron railings.

The bridge is Grade I listed and also classified as a scheduled ancient monument. The stone arches on the downstream side are said to be the the oldest parts of the bridge, according to a plaque which tells us that until the 19th century was only 8 feet wide.

For more, see http://www.britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/en-203119-clattern-bridge-greater-london-authority

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