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17 June 2014

Drink on an aeroplane at LP Bar

Yesterday morning, your author was meeting a friend in New Cross and LP Bar at 401 New Cross Road was chosen for the purpose solely on its strategic location. Part of the longer-established London Particular cafe and restaurant, LP Bar opened earlier this year in a relatively small unit on New Cross Road, and is surprisingly and rather charmingly decorated with aeroplane-themed paraphernalia.

So what was scheduled as a short chat over a cup of tea turned into a very pleasant half hour relaxing in genuine aeroplane seats over tea and warm chocolate and banana cake, allowing time to take in framed lifejackets, flight maps, pieces of fuselage and other aeronautic items. On a Monday morning it was relatively quiet, but in the evenings LP Bar serves booze and has potential to get much busier, which is no bad thing.

For more, see http://thelpbar.co.uk/

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