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17 April 2013

Watch the Thatcher funeral procession

One of the country's Prime Ministers died last week, and if you haven't heard about it already, it turns out that some people really liked her, others didn't and a few were even of no opinion at all. Your author tends to quite admire elected politicians of any party for putting themselves in the firing line by stepping up to give it a try, and it doesn't seem out of order to try to mark the deaths of the Prime Ministers we elected in a similar way to those of the Royals we didn't.

Today, London will come to a halt for a little while to do this, and we're told to expect Big Ben to stop chiming as well, which seems a fitting tribute to someone who was once the most senior member of staff in what is ultimately just a building. Perhaps £10 million seems a bit much, but it's less than the cost of some town houses in Notting Hill, and maybe it will be worth it to remind the gathered masses of the world's media of the importance of Great Britain, of Thatcher's role in negotiating towards the end of the Cold War, and of our abilities to do pomp and ceremony with style.

Democracy needs people who are willing to devote their lives to trying to do things that they believe are best for their community, for society and for the country as a whole, and those who dislike what a politician has done should, although they are perfectly entitled to protest thanks to the rights that have been protected by elected politicians throughout the generations, perhaps consider instead putting time and effort into developing their own ideas of how to make the country a better place, and then spend many years of their life trying to get elected based on those ideas.

For full details of today's events, see http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-22096613

^Picture © UK Parliament used under a Creative Commons license^


  1. Couldn't agree more, thanks...

  2. Does your disdain for public protest extend to other issues, or just this particular event?

  3. Nowhere here did I express distain for public protest...I simply expressed the view that instead the protesters should be developing and putting forward their own ideas.

    To my mind, "I think we should be doing it like this..." will always be a thousand times more compelling an argument than "I hate..."

  4. Tired of Tom's passive-aggressive political commentary18 April 2013 at 16:12

    I think if you asked most of the protesters you'd find out they've got quite valid reasons for utilising their freedom of expression and that many are active in changing things in their communities.

    You're free to express your opinion on this blog and it's one I've tired of hearing with regards to the political, so consider a long-time follower to be signing out.

  5. I agree with you Tom. Good point very reasonably made.

  6. I should've also said that "Tired of Tom's passive-aggressive political commentary tired of life" was an amazing name. This isn't sarcasm...I literally laughed out loud and I've been sharing it with my friends all weekend. I honestly think we'd get on.

  7. Yes, well-said, Tom. (Have been trying to get my head around the 'passive-aggressive' notion and, before giving up completely, am contemplating idea that anyone who posts anonymously to make ad hominem criticisms is being, er, um, a tad passive-aggressive!).
    Lovely blog, thank you.