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22 April 2013

Buy books from the Bookseller Crow

During a walk along through South London in the Saturday sunshine, your author finally found the opportunity to visit the Bookseller Crow, a lovely little bookshop on Westow Street in Crystal Palace run by Jonathan Main and Justine Crow.

A bustling community bookshop, the Crow has been going for about 12 years, and even sells its t-shirts, which are worn by its well-read band of supporters. It also has a blog, which is an interesting read, and is notable for its strong selection of local interest books. In fact it is generally a great source of information about what's going on in Crystal Palace, with plenty of leaflets, posters for nearby events and tips from the owners and those who work there.

For more, see http://www.booksellercrow.co.uk/


  1. Much more than this! They have all the best American fiction imports and a lovely range of graphic novels. Plus the old guy that works there knows *everything* about books and is always ready with the recommendations. My fave bookshop ever!