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15 April 2013

Cycle National Cycle Route 22

A cycle route that begins inside the M25 at Banstead, National Cycle Route 22 eventually winds its way to the South Coast, where it crosses onto the Isle of Wight and then off again, terminating in Lymington. Your author enjoyed this weekend cycling stretches of the Surrey Cycleway, and though the hills made him tired and he also got rather wet at one point, it is a great route for getting a sense of cycling into real countryside and it seemed worth recommending.

Though Banstead is not technically in London - lying within Surrey - it is possible to arrive on an Oyster card, and the route involves passing beneath the London Orbital, but the scenery is rather more rural than committed Londoners will be used to, with winding lanes, singing birds and even the promise of new leaves on the trees. In places in Surrey the route connects with the Surrey Cycleway and Surrey Cycleway Link routes, which are also good fun.

For more, see http://www.sustrans.org.uk/ncn/map/route/route-22 or for the Surrey Cycleway try this site

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