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19 April 2013

See Lucy Orta's Cloud: Meteoros at St Pancras Station

Over at St Pancras Station they're following up on the success of the suspended Olympic rings that were a hit with visitors last year, and have come up with a new rotating art space they're calling 'Terrace Wires', suspended from the very same gantry. The first in the series of artworks chosen to appear in the space is Cloud: Meteoros by Sutton-Coldfield-born artist Lucy Orta, which was unveiled yesterday. 

The artwork features two suspended clouds measuring about 15 metres long, with figures on top of them, at least two of whom are based on the artists children. As St-Pancras-based artworks go, it's better than The Lovers but not as good as the statue of the late great Sir John Betjeman.

For more, see http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/article-2310966/St-Pancras-station-unveils-new-artwork.html

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