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14 June 2012

Walk in Six Brothers Field

An interesting little anomaly in the Surrey village of Chaldon, just inside the M25, Six Brothers Field is owned by the National Trust, having been given to them on the last day of 1926 by Martin Coles Harman, the former 'king' of Lundy Island in the Bristol Channel.

One of six brothers, Mr Harman was a wealthy English financier who had bought Lundy Island in 1924 for £16,000. He gave the field for the benefit of Chaldon residents, and it is used regularly by the Chaldon Cricket Club, who were playing when your author passed on Sunday. The connection with Lundy Island and the Harman family is maintained in the form of a circle of six stones at the western edge of the cricket pitch, made of Lundy stone and representing the six Harman brothers.

For more, see http://chaldoncc.co.uk/index.php/about-us/six-brothers-field


  1. I walked from Banstead to Chaldon through the woods, but a walk from Coulsdon South station is equally picturesque - across Fairdean Downs and Happy Valley to the field. Perfect for a nice summer's day.

  2. That's two posts recently from my neck of the woods. This and the Harrow pub. You're doing a fab job with the blog - I pop in most days for a catch-up and to see where my author has been. You do go to a lot of pubs, it has to be said. :-)