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7 June 2012

Visit the Garden of Disorientation

The Royal Jubilee may be over, but there are plenty of other events to keep us feeling upbeat and summery, not least the Chelsea Fringe, which lasts until Monday. Last week, your author dropped into one garden which forms part of the Fringe, at 61 Charterhouse Street in Smithfield, and found a peaceful temporary garden in the heart of the city.

Created in a former meat packing yard which stands empty due to the Corporation of London steadfastly and admirably denying the owners permission to convert into yet another bar, the garden consists of a mint garden built to designs by Deborah Nagan, and using pallets to create an interesting space.

Your author's stock question when faced with this sort of thing ("But what is it?!") came up against friendly resistance from those present, mainly because the sense of disorientation is largely the point. However, it seems like it's largely a garden and cafe/bar, which serves mint tea and mojitos until next week.

For more, see http://www.chelseafringe.com/the-garden-of-disorientation/


  1. That is certainly an unusual garden, what a shame if will be going. Might not have had the chance to see it if you hadn't posted it here.

  2. Love this garden idea, love this blog, love mojitos! :) And love London! So fun to play blog roulette sometimes and see what comes up ... This is a particularly fun one. I'm trying to do a similar thing - get people excited about their city. Glad I came across this. Cheers!