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15 June 2012

Visit the St Bartholomew's Hospital Museum

A fascinating little museum within the walls of the hospital in the City of London, the St Bartholomew's Hospital Museum traces the history of Britain's oldest hospital from its beginnings in the 12th century - when it was established by monks to provide hospitality - through the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII, to the present day.

For your author it was a thoroughly thought provoking experience, hearing how the original treatments were largely prayer-based, seeing a facsimile of the original grant from Rahere, the founder of the hospital, in 1137 to create the hospital, and peering through the open door to see the two murals on the staircase painted by William Hogarth.

For more, see http://www.bartsandthelondon.nhs.uk/about-us/museums-and-archives/st-bartholomew-s-museum/

^Picture © ... used under Creative Commons^


  1. The history of medicine and surgery, and especially the development of hospitals, has always attracted me. I have blogged about it from time to time, and have visited some fascinating medical museums in Sydney etc, but never St Bart's. However all art historians of the era know Hogarth's work. Bless his heart!

  2. Have yet to visit this museum however your enthusiastic review has spurred me on to go visit soon. Thank you.