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28 June 2012

Visit the Savoy Museum

Most people assume that the Savoy is just a large posh hotel with very little to tempt ordinary Londoners inside, but it has an interesting history and, we are told, is home to one of the largest hotel archives in the world. A small museum off the lobby within the hotel, displays some interesting information and paraphernalia from the hotel's history.

When your author visited the museum back in the autumn, it was all rather empty, but remains open to the public as long as you're not too scruffy to get past the take-no-prisoners door staff. Your author's memory fails him but we are told that exhibits include a first edition of Harry Craddock’s Savoy Cocktail Book, Noel Coward’s lighter and cigarette case and Marlene Dietrich’s guest card showing her request that 12 pink roses and a bottle of Dom Perignon.

For more, see http://www.fairmont.com/savoy/articles/recentnews/generalinformation.htm


  1. Is the exhibition open permanently, or just for the duration of the Olympic Games?

    I am very interested in Richard D’Oyly Carte, the Savoy Theatre, London's first elegant Hotel Savoy in 1889, Escoffier and every other bit of exotic history. And our Dame Nellie Melba, of course.

  2. London really is packed with so many museums big and small and I keep coming across new ones every week it seems.

    Didn't know about tis one, sounds really interesting and different. Must get along there soon. Now where's my Diamonds. :)

  3. Great museum at The Savoy Hotel. Brought back many happy memories of when I worked there in the 1970's and was great to return for a uncles90th birthday in Princess Ida & Patience room. A great hotel withy fantastic staff.