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13 January 2012

Visit the Cuming Museum

First opened to the public in 1906, the Cuming Museum, is based around the results of a century of collection by Victorian father and son team, Richard and Henry Cuming, between 1780 and 1900. Now displayed over a couple of rooms in Old Walworth Town Hall, it is free and worth popping in to if you're in the area.

There are also some interesting exhibits about the history of Southwark, which supplement the objects selected from the Cuming Collection's 25,000 artefacts from the world of archaeology, art, geology, textiles, nature, coins and ceramics.

The only slightly odd thing about the collection is that the Cumings appear to have gathered the vast majority of it from auction houses, when it always seemed to your author that the joy of the Victorian gentleman collector was travelling around the world gathering things.

For more on the museum, see http://www.southwark.gov.uk/info/200162/the_cuming_museum


  1. This is a great little museum which is often missed on the tourist trail.

    These small local museums really do need all our support and besides it's a great day out.