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9 January 2012

See the skateboard graveyard of Hungerford Bridge

Walking across Hungerford Bridge yesterday afternoon, your author stumbled across a place he has heard of in legend before, but never seen first hand, The Skateboard Graveyard.

This Graveyard is where skateboards go to die, and is littered with the corpses of boards thrown from the Golden Jubilee footbridges when they have been broken, largely by skaters who practice at the Southbank Centre. Londonist has even discovered a website where obituaries are left for boards deceased. The boards are thrown from the bridge onto the supports below, where they remain inaccessible and untouched, seemingly indefinitely.

For more information, see http://londonist.com/2011/03/the-skateboard-graveyard-of-hungerford-bridge.php


  1. The Queen must be honored--old skateboards on "her" bridge?? I thought we Americans were rude and crude. . . .

  2. My daughter and I stumbled across this while visiting London in November from Los Angeles. Enjoy your site, keep it up!