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27 December 2011

See the Oxford Street lights

Whilst your author is entirely content sitting in watching mindless telly and going for occasional walks, there are of course others looking for things to see & do. This year's Oxford Street Christmas lights remain up for a week or so yet, and consist of huge snowflakes.

They're always smashing, and this year were switched on by a girl band and someone off the radio, who were keen to stress the involvement of a commercial sponsor. Though there have been some rather unsavory goings on in the area over the last 24 hours, the lights still have the potential to bring a lift to the heart of even cynical Londoners.

For more, see http://www.londoneer.org/2011/11/oxford-street-lights-up.html

^Picture © Homayon Zeary used under Creative Commons^


  1. The nearby Carnaby Street and Covent Garden have some beautiful lights up as well.

  2. The picture shows the Regent Street lights, not the Oxford St ones...