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12 December 2011

See the lego tree at St Pancras

It's hard to talk about the season without getting as unnecessarily festive as the Christmas songs CD on constant loop in gaudy shopping arcades, but there is something your author quite likes about the 33ft tall Christmas tree made entirely from lego currently standing at St Pancras station.

Of course it's a shameless seasonal publicity stunt, but for those of us who enjoyed playing with lego on Christmas morning, there is something that nicely hits the spot about it, especially if we never actually got to legoland.

For more, see http://londonist.com/2011/11/in-pictures-the-st-pancras-lego-christmas-tree.php

^Picture © Bex.Walton used under Creative Commons^


  1. I love this tree! Among all the trashy or modern minimalist decorations around now, it struck me as really Christmassy and traditional - even though it's made of plastic. A traditional style tree from a traditional toy.

  2. Fantastic tree! I wonder how many hours it took to construct.

  3. Hello,

    I just wanted to say thank you. I only found your blog recently and this was one of the first posts I read. I took my children to see the tree today as a birthday treat for my daughter. I would not have known about it if not for you, and they both loved it. Thank you.