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19 December 2011

Buy books at the Willesden Bookshop

Housed in the Willesden Green Library Centre at the heart of the local area, the Willesden Bookshop reflects Brent's ethnic and cultural diversity and offers a range of multicultural titles, as well as foreign language books to serve the different communities who use it.
It also has a fantastic range of English-language books, and books by local authors are showcased alongside more established national and international titles.

For more, see http://willesdenbookshop.co.uk/


  1. They also say tired of live music - tired of life - I say it depends on who's singing! ;)

    You can do a postcode search on www.goactivities.co.uk and have a look at what's nearby by a few miles or so. Most of the stuff is climbing.... and outdoors stuff- but might be worth a look?

    Love the blog- I'm in Sheffield but I will take a look for my next touristy tour! xx

  2. Brent Council is going to knock down the building in which Willesden Bookshop is currently housed. It has refused to make space available for the bookshop in the Cultural Centre which will replace it. They have been told to quit current premises by April 17th. I have mounted an epetition on www.brent.gov.uk/epetitions to persuade the Council to accommodate the bookship in the new premises. Brent residents or workers please sign.

    Brent Council has already closed 6 of our 12 libraries. Do they intend Brent to become a book-free zone?