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10 December 2011

Attend Santacon

In what has the potential to either be absolutely awful or great fun, an annual tradition has begun that Londoners (including a fair few antipodeans) dress up as Father Christmas for a march around London on this weekend every year.

It's kind of like a Christmas flashmob, and the early birds meet in the questionable location of the Wetherspoons in Victoria Station at 10am, then push on to Trafalgar Square at 12:30 , before moving to The Horse Hospital for Christmas-themed films, and finishing the night at Bloomsbury Bowling Lanes.

You can follow their antics by using the twitter hashtag #ldnsanta or find out more at http://www.santacon.co.uk/

^Picture © vtwentyone used under Creative Commons^


  1. You've got to be kidding? You're tired of London? I'm on the other side of the world in boring Pennsylvania but a trip to London has been at the very top of my bucket list for two years now. I wish I could trade places with you for the day. I would have probably been the first of Santa's in my red suit and hat, ho, ho, hoing all around London ... LoL.

  2. Hi Dee, thanks for popping by. I don't know why, but it's always Americans that don't understand that I really love London, and this blog is about that. The name came from a quote about how amazing the city is and the blog is a personal mission to get the most out of the city day after day. Tom

  3. My first time at Santacon & it was the latter - great fun. Absolutely freezing but good to see masses of people in central London having a good time without it becoming a protest or riot - post & pix here http://london-underground.blogspot.com/2011/12/santas-on-tube-santacon-london-2011.html

  4. London SantaCon 2014 will take place on Saturday the 6th December!

    Official London SantaCon website: SantaCon
    Santa Costumes: Santa Costumes