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29 November 2011

Eat at Dahlak Eritrean Restaurant

You could easily miss a place like Dahlak Eritrean Restaurant, at 256-258 Brixton Rd, and pass on by, and your author would have done exactly that if it hadn't been for a friend's birthday a few weeks ago.

A favourite amongst the London's Eritrean community, the restaurant is also a bar and music club, and even on a Saturday night it was fairly quiet until around 10pm, when diners still awaited their Eritrean coffee ceremony and popcorn. By the time this had finished, the bar and live music were busy inside but shutters outside were firmly pulled down so only the bouncers were visible.

The food was excellent, and your author enjoyed that spongey bread and whilst he was chastised by friends when he compared it to Ethiopian food, Time Out tells us there isn't too much of a rivalry between the two countries at Dahlak.

For more information, see http://www.timeout.com/london/features/1804/London_Lives-The_Eritean_cab_driver.html


  1. Never been to this place before. Eritrean and Ethiopian food can be very good indeed and they make the best coffee.

    Menelik's on Caledonian Road is recommended, as is Zeret Kitchen on Camberwell Road.

    But wasn't so impressed with Adulis in Kennington. Nice decor didn't make up for duff food.

  2. went there last night and had a great time. A friends birthday, the food was lush, staff very friendly and welcome, the environment very clean and well designed. i watched some traditional dancing also, which was lovely.