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26 November 2011

Browse the new Hoxton Street Market

Placed as it is at the heart of that place where all the idiots hang out, Hoxton Street Market could never maintain it's shabby East London charm, and so it was that last month it was relaunched as a market for jewellery, ceramics, art and fashion.

Today, the market is hosting what seems to be an unnecessarily early Christmas Street Party, with music and seasonal food, which according to their pointless PR company (your author was planning on covering it anyway) is designed to allow visitors to "get their pressies (sic) early or just partake in the crimbo (sic) joy!". Oh, god...

The market takes place on Hoxton Street from 10am to 6pm. For more information, see http://hoxtonstreetmarket.co.uk


  1. Wow, what a hater.

  2. I know...sometimes I surprise myself...

  3. What a douche...what exactly are you doing with your life other than hating on others? Dick!!

  4. Hi Anon. Sorry, I don't speak American but I think I can make out the thrust of your question.

    In answer, alongside work, sleeping, eating and seeing my friends, every day for more than three years I have written, researched, edited and promoted a daily online project to try to help people get the best out of the city they call home. As well as this, I organise, run and promote a monthly evening to encourage people living in the capital to talk to each other. I also volunteer at two London museums (the Museum of Immigration and Dr Johnson's House) and I have just written a book.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Wow, I can spot a hater here too and it isn't Tom.

  6. Hi Tom,

    For your information, Douche isn't American, and seeing as you've written a book (amongst other things) I would have thought you would have had a grasp of the English language by now.

    Anyway, well done for being such an over-achiever. It's a shame you're so down on the efforts put in to relaunching a market in London, when you so tirelessly try to promote London as a whole.

    I won't keep you any longer, as it's clear you need to spend your time researching, writing and editing...as well as promoting and volunteering.

    At least we know who's on Santa's good list this year.


  7. Oh do piss off. I wrote about it and I know people went as a result. If your market isn't going as well as you hoped it isn't my fault.

  8. I see I touched a nerve.

    It's not my market by the way, it's Hackney Council's, but then you would know that from all the research you've done.

    Pissing off now, thanks

  9. Thanks for stopping by. Next time you want to post gutless anonymous comments please do so somewhere else.

  10. I thought your comments were very measured and quite appropriately served to highlight, in fact rather subtly, the patronising and supercilious nature of the junk that you were quoting.

  11. Tom

    you are a twat, wtf do you know about this market unless you lived it and experienced it you arsehole - stop being so insulting you dickhead

  12. Anon, 10.23am. Thank you for your comments. I value your opinion.