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21 November 2011

Drop in to Drink, Shop & Do

Your author really couldn't care less what is 'cool' any more, but there is something very pleasing about the way Drink, Shop & Do, on Caledonian Road near Kings Cross, combines style and a trend towards doing more craft and making things.

Your author dropped in the other night for the launch of London Remembers, and was impressed with the style of the place, based in a Victorian bath house in an area close enough to the Guardian to get noticed.

It's firmly aimed at the twee-girl-with-cash market, but it's just nice to see someone making a bit of an effort at this sort of thing, when so many would claim it was impossible to create something so nice. It is great to see a focus on new designers, and handmade products and desirable gifts living in harmony with a relaxed cafe bar.

For more, see http://drinkshopdo.com

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