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9 April 2010

Visit the Queen's House, Greenwich

The Queen's House, in Greenwich Park, was commissioned by Anne of Denmark, wife of James I. James apparently spent a lot of time at the Tudor Palace of Greenwich and is said to have given her the manor of Greenwich as an apology for swearing at her when she accidentally shot his dog in 1614.

Anne commissioned Inigo Jones in 1616 to design a new pavilion for her at Greenwich, and he accepted, producing the first fully Classical building in England, which we see today. Work paused in April 1618-19 when Anne became ill and died, but it was restarted James's son Charles I, when he gave Greenwich to his queen, Henrietta Maria, in 1629. The Queen's House was subsequently completed in 1635.

For more, see http://www.nmm.ac.uk/about/history/queens-house/

^Picture by victoriapeckham^


  1. Unlikely to have the same results if any of the current royals shot or swore at the dog.

  2. Quite right anon. I apologise profusely.