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8 April 2010

Drink at the Counting House

Yesterday evening, your author had the pleasure of drinking at the Counting House, on Cornhill in the City. This grand pub is a former branch of NatWest bank and is a truly atmospheric place to go for a reasonably priced (for this area of the City) pint of ale.

The pub was built in 1893 as Prescott's Bank and, we are told, the foundations rest partly on the North sleeper wall of a 2,000 year old Roman basilica. Today, the pub is run as a Fuller's Ale & Pie pub, so the ales are brilliant, and the pies are reasonably good.

The mosaic floors, marble walls and domed ceiling make for a great atmosphere, and as it's a bank, and your author was one of a very few people present who weren't wearing a suit, we can add authentic City ambience to the mix. There's a nice island bar and a gallery upstairs, as well as a number of private rooms for parties and conferences of all sizes.

For more, see http://www.fullers.co.uk/rte.asp?id=4&itemid=68&task=View

^Picture by the excellent Ewan Munro^

1 comment:

  1. I can confirm the sentiments in this article. The Counting House is a wonderful pub.

    I used to work about 100yards away and the allure of a "Ramrod and Special", an ESB or a Honeydew were sometimes too much.

    In fact, some days we used to adjourn there as a substitute for a meeting room. This tended to be for a Friday afternoon "Sales Meeting" in the "Money Room"... heheheh...

    I've come out of there caned a few times. Well, alright, more than a few times.