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19 April 2010

Make a wish with the Isis Sculpture

Unveiled in September 2009, the Isis Sculpture in Hyde Park is part of a fundraising effort towards a £1.8m children’s education centre, called The Look Out. The sculpture was designed by artist Simon Gudgeon, and shows Isis, the Egyptian goddess of motherhood, who sometimes appeared as a bird. It was the first new sculpture of its type in the park for around 50 years.

The Sculpture weighs 633kg, is made of bronze, and sits beside the Princess Diana memorial fountain. Donations are invited to make a wish at the base and the Royal Parks are also selling plaques in a formation around the base of the sculpture to raise cash to replace older educational facilities on site. The current classrooms attract around 1,000 people a year, but are in need of an upgrade.

For more on the Look Out, see http://www.royalparksfoundation.org/support/foundation/foundation_lookout.cfm

1 comment:

  1. Lovely. There used to be another one of these in Berkeley Square but it has been replaced by a Quinn sculpture. Do you know where the bird has flown to?