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28 April 2010

Ride the East London Line

Good news all! London has a new railway line at last. The first train on the £1 billion East London Line ran yesterday at 12:06 from Dalston Junction to New Cross Gate according to Londonist.

TFL tells us that the line will run from Dalston Junction to New Cross and New Cross Gate from yesterday with a limited preview service Monday - Fridays from 7am until 8pm every seven to eight minutes.

The full line will open on 23rd May, with trains every 15 minutes on each of the three branches, meaning trains every five minutes between Dalston Junction and Surrey Quays and trains every seven to eight minutes between Surrey Quays and Sydenham. In May 2011, trains will become even more frequent.

It's good news, as your author has missed the line since it closed in 2007, even though it was always a bit scruffy and was only really good for getting to pubs in Wapping. For more, see here, here here or here


  1. Do you know if there will be a Bollywood grand opening in May like the wee one yesterday?

  2. that is good news as wapping always feels a bit tricky to get to and there are some good places around there