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14 January 2010

Pop by Boswell's Cafe

Boswell's Cafe was opened as a Tea House in 1725 and was popular with London's literati at the time. Nowadays its a quick pre-theatre tourist cafe in Covent Garden. It takes its name from the contemporary diarist James Boswell who at 7pm on 16th May 1763 was sat with the owner Thomas Davies in the Tea House when Dr Johnson, the author of the dictionary whose quote gave rise to this blog, entered.

Boswell was, apparently, worried about meeting Johnson as he had a famous dislike of Scots, and Boswell was Scottish. They met anyway and got on and Boswell went on to write his famous biography, 'The Life of Johnson' which is huge.

Boswell's is at 8 Russell Street and when your author popped in yesterday the speedy menu (pictured) was particularly good value, thought the soft drinks are priced ridiculously to make up for it. For more on Boswell's see http://boswells-coventgarden.co.uk

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