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13 January 2010

Eat beans on toast in Shoreditch

Word reaches your author of a very temporary pop-up cafe which Heinz are operating in Shoreditch until tomorrow. The It Has To Be Heinz Café on Shoreditch High Street serves only teas and beans on toast and is also collecting money for Capital FM’s charity, Help a London Child.

It is, of course, an obvious marketing gimmick, aiming to get some free coverage for the virtues of beans in cold weather, but it seems to be working ok. Pop ups are ten-a-penny in this city at the moment, and so are the PR companies peddling them, but the guys who are pushing this seem to have found plenty of bloggers and journalists willing to give up a few column inches as it's a nice idea, especially given the snow this morning.

The It Has To Be Heinz Café is open until Thursday (14th January) from 7am – 3pm, and is at 3-10 Shoreditch High Street, London E1 6PG. The menu is simple, beans on toast, and there is a suggested donation of 50p.

For more, see tbe Mail here or The Foodie List, here.


  1. I visited it yesterday (and did a little write up on my food blog) and really enjoyed it - Beans on toast is such a comforting food.

    For something that basically is just PR for Heinz it doesn't come across that way and feels genuinely good. Makes a change from the usual PR wankery.

  2. Cool. I must admit I've yet to make the trip and time is severely limited.

    I do agree it seems much nicer than usual PR rubbish though, and like I say it seems to have caught some attention.

    More of the same please...