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5 March 2009

Go East

Today marks the start of the East Festival, a six-day festival aiming to celebrate arts and creativity in East London.

If you've been to East London recently you may have noticed the green t-shirted East Ambassadors handing out guides to the festival, which has the added benefit of a DIY London insert with maps and guides of things to do in East London any time of the year.

In your authors opinion, last year's East Festival was disappointing at best, but that may have something to do with the lack of sitting in the park in the sunshine at this time of year, and this time there certainly seems to be a great deal on offer, including art, film, performance, food, history and fashion so hopefully there should be something to take your fancy.

If you're interested in seeing what's on, why not have a look at the rather un-user-friendly page on the Visit London website, or the guide itself. Your author will be helping out at the Swishing London event on Saturday.

^Picture of one of the East End Elvises who, as it's a London festival, will undoubtedly be there somewhere, from flickr courtesy of acme^


  1. The festival kicked off this morning with a performance of Mauricio Kagel's performance piece for 111 bicycles, 'Eine Brise'. There's a report on my blog http://www.realcycling.co.uk !

  2. I have seen those 2 guys twice in 2 years (since I have been living in London actually) and now there they are, on your blog! so funny! (Blog that I have discovered thanks to the londonist!)