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1 March 2009

Drink in Jack the Ripper's Local

The Ten Bells, on Commercial Street in East London, was reputedly Jack the Ripper's local pub, and was also the favourite haunt of two of his six victims; Annie Chapman and Mary Kelly.

A pub has been open here since 1752, and apparently derives it's name from bells of Hawksmoor's imposing Christ Church Spitalfields, which sits beside the pub (though the church now has twelve bells).

Between 1976 to 1988, it was known as "The Jack the Ripper", but the name was subsequently changed back following protests from a feminist campaign group.

Nowadays it's your usual slightly dirty off-Brick-Lane drinking venue, with plenty of asymmetric haircuts and people talking loudly about how brilliant they are, but if you can get over that it's a fairly pleasant place for a drink, especially on a summer's evening.

The nearest tube is Liverpool Street. For more information visit the Jack the Ripper casebook page at http://www.casebook.org/victorian_london/tenbells.html.

Click here to see the location on a map.

^Picture from flickr courtesy of usm photos^


  1. Excellent recommendation! I'll be up there for a pint soon. I might steer clear of the liver and onions from the bar menu, though.

  2. Tom your writing is hilarious! Inspired!