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5 May 2015

Learn about Forensics at the Wellcome Collection

Always behind the curve, your author finally got round on Friday to visiting the Forensics: The Anatomy of Crime exhibition at the Wellcome Collection. Though the details of this type of thing can often be a bit lurid, the exhibition is undoubtedly fascinating, examining not only the details of cases, but also looking at techniques used in training and forensic investigation such as Frances Glessner Lee's miniature murder scene dioramas used to educate detectives and Sally Mann’s photograph of a Tennessee Body Farm, where the corpses of deceased donors are left outside used to test decay rates.

Later in the exhibition, a Morgue section examines pathology and autopsy and includes Šejla Kamerić's Ab uno disce omnes, an artwork which allows visitors to step inside what feels like a refrigerated morgue and reflect on the 1992–95 war in the former Yugoslavia, its impact on Bosnian society and aftermath. There's a great deal to take in, and the content is gruesome enough that many may not want to do the exhibition all in one go, but thankfully it is free and return visits are encouraged.

For more, see http://wellcomecollection.org/forensics

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