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5 November 2014

Attend bonfire night in Brockwell Park

It's 5th November today, and tonight is Guy Fawkes Night, or Bonfire Night. However, if you want to find a bonfire to enjoy it in front of in London you'll have to search hard to find one. Modern firework displays involve a lot of red tape and training, and it seems bonfire providers are thin on the ground. However, if you're willing to pay an entry fee, it seems there is fire to be found in Brockwell Park.

£7 buys you not only fireworks and a "lighthouse bonfire" but also Human Catherine Wheel and Fire Bird performance, the London School of Samba and a giant mechanical Fire Bird and Disco Turtle, whatever that is.

For more, see http://www.lambeth.gov.uk/events/fireworks

^Picture © Michael Day used under a Creative Commons license^

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