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20 August 2014

Sit on the wall at the Cutty Sark

The cooler days and longer nights are here to remind us that summer will soon be over, but this almost always happens, usually followed by a hot spell in September to remind us all how nice the weather can be. Regardless, there is not long now to take advantage of one of your author's top London pleasures, a half of ale on the wall at the Cutty Sark pub on Ballast Quay in Greenwich.

Thankfully, last year's rumours that a safety rail was to be installed on the wall came to nothing, with the removal of a step appearing to suffice and so this Greenwich pleasure remains intact, with plenty of boats still passing, and a little bit of industrial heritage just downstream - albeit being quickly eroded to make way for 'luxury flats'- to remind us of when this pub, dating in its current form from around 1795, stood among industrial dockyards with ships tied up to the quay outside.

For more, see http://www.cuttysarkse10.co.uk/

1 comment:

  1. How long has the wall been there? Could people have sat on the wall, perhaps drinking and watching the action, decades ago?