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8 August 2014

Eat and drink at the London Beer Dispensary

Your author has largely shunned the 'craft beer revolution' on the basis that he has always drunk ale and there is a danger with fashionable things that they may go out of fashion again, but in a time of closing pubs, flickering screens and blaring music it's hard to fault the London Beer Dispensary in Crofton Park, a beautifully-put-together place so keen to dispense with peripheral distractions that it has removed its bar, and just offers good beer in aesthetically-pleasing surroundings.

The bar is the work of the Late Knights Brewery in Penge, which despite its questionable website produces good beer, and clearly knows how to put a nice bar together. The food (served daily 12noon-3pm and 5pm-10pm) was also good, and the staff were so friendly and polite it was difficult to believe it was all true. It only leaves one question...is the London Beer Dispensary a pub? Yes, of course it is.

For more, see http://www.lateknightsbrewery.co.uk/bars.html

^Picture © London Beer Dispensary - Late Knights Brewery^

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  1. Your reference says that Brighton Beer Dispensary was opened this April. I am very pleased because so many pubs, some loved and some neglected, seemed to have closed in the last few years.