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25 August 2014

Attend the Notting Hill Carnival

You'll need an umbrella if you're heading to west London today for the Notting Hill Carnival, as heavy rain and mist are forecast, but on the plus side the crowds should be smaller than you might have previously experienced. Usually crowds of up to a million people descend on the streets between Notting Hill Gate and the Regent's Canal, so that may be no bad thing.

The Carnival's history is vague in places, and it's unclear whether the first one took place in 1964, which would make this year the 50th anniversary, or 1965, or even 1966, the first year for which the Notting Hill Carnival Trust has documentary evidence to confirm a Notting Hill Carnival took place. It's probably all for the best, however, as this way it gets three important birthdays.

For more, see http://www.thenottinghillcarnival.com/

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