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26 December 2012

Rather English - Watch the Marshfield Mummers

A seasonal tradition dating back centuries, Mummers Plays are live interpretations of folk tales which were once taken on house visits and to public houses by the performers to raise a few pennies. They are still performed in many areas and every Boxing Day, the town of Marshfield in Gloucestershire still has an group of mummer called 'Old Time Paper Boys' who turn out to perform a play.

The Marshfield Mummers perform their play several times along the High Street, wearing costumes featuring strips of different types of coloured paper and beginning in the Market Place around 11am and featuring Christmas Hymns, a performance of an authentic mummers play.

For more, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marshfield,_Gloucestershire#The_Mummers_of_Marshfield
^Picture © Bob Embleton used under a Creative Commons license^

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