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6 November 2012

**Announcement** - Tired of London's Rather English change

As from next Monday, 12th November, there will be a temporary change here at Tired of London, Tired of Life. Whilst your author is not and will never be Tired of London, he will be spending a disproportionate amount of time out of town over the next couple of months researching a new project, which will temporarily make writing about London rather more difficult.

Therefore, as your author will probably be seeing rather more of England than London between now and the end of January, during that time this website will suggest one thing a day of interest to see or do in England, returning to London-centric content at the end of January. This English content will also be available on a new blog called Rather English for those who want to see only things about England, but readers should probably note that even that will contain occasional bits and pieces about London, which is in England.

Your author is thankful to the regular readers who continue to return to this website daily, and hopes that this time-limited change in format will continue to provide something of interest. Writing every day does take effort and this website isn't done to make money, so your author hopes that readers will accept this brief change and maybe even embrace it, as a way to learn about some interesting things to see and do in England. If for any reason you do not wish to hear about things to do in England, please take a break from reading until the end of January and click "un-follow" or "un-like" on the social media ones. If you aren't able to cope without a suggestion of one thing a day to do in London there is a great book available to buy for a very reasonable price, which coincidentally makes a great Christmas present.

For more, see http://www.ratherenglish.com/


  1. Not a very English expression, but 'Bon Voyage'.
    Do I sense another book in the pipeline?

  2. I look forward to the (temporary) new format. One cannot love London without loving England. Bring it on!

  3. Thanks guys. Glad to have your support.

  4. Check your site every day from here in California, enjoy your next endeavor...

  5. Brilliant idea and thank YOU Tom, for sharing. I'm looking forward to the expanded horizon.