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3 May 2010

Search for elephants

It's a bank holiday, so your author will rely on a press release to give him a slight holiday, and what better gimmick than the Elephant Parade, a conservation campaign which is installing over 250 brightly painted life-size fibreglass elephants over central London to highlight the plight of the Asian elephant.

Each decorated by a different artist or famous person (the press release said 'celebrity', but that word is banned here), the plan is for the elephants to brighten up town and enhance our parks, street corners and buildings. The aim is to raise £2 million, including by selling them at auction on 3rd July.

Your author understands that the elephants were installed overnight last night and so today should be present in locations around London, and will remain in place until 4th July. It was Londonist and the Sumatran Orangutan Society wot told your author about it, but for more information see http://elephantparadelondon.org/


  1. Belén (Madrid)3 May 2010 at 09:30

    En Madrid, se hizo hace un par de años con vacas. Me gustan más los elefantes, el de la foto es monísimo...

  2. hehehe..very nice and colorful elephant...

  3. Found a few of them. Cool don't you think.

  4. Saw a couple of these along the River Thames - excellent idea.

  5. I still haven't seen a single elephant. I will spend the weekend searching them. I obviously spend far too much time underground snapping tube travelers!


  6. Aah I thought I was the only Londoner (i.e. NOT tourist) getting terribly excited everytime I see an elephant. I think theyre wonderful and have seen about a dozen. Earnestly planning an elephant-spotting day to see them all.