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22 May 2010

Relax in the sun in the Glade

It's an absolutely lovely day out there, so hopefully no one will be reading this. If you are, what's wrong with you? Get out and enjoy the sunshine! If you're looking for somewhere peaceful to enjoy it and ensure your body is producing regulation amounts of Vitamin D, then why not head to the Glade, in Victoria Park.

It's a lovely spot, at the Western end of the park, almost completely surrounded by trees and shrubbery, and home to all sorts of wildlife, including squirrels, and many types of bird life including woodpeckers and jays. It's also a nice distance from any roads, so you can pretend you're somewhere peaceful.

But on a day like today, your options are limitless. Get out there and enjoy it. Click here to see the Glade on a satellite map.

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