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13 July 2009

Drink at The Seven Stars, WC2

What seems on first sight to be just another pub for legal types, behind the Royal Courts of Justice, is actually a little gem of an establishment.

One of a few of local buildings which survived the Great Fire in 1666, the pub is run by chef Roxy Beaujolais, a sometime low-ranking 'celebrity chef' on BBC's Full on Food, and is awesome. Unusually for a pub in the area, it's even open Sundays. Get down there now.

For more information, visit http://www.timeout.com/london/bars/reviews/9345.html

Click here to see the location on a map.

***Edit - Your author forgot to mention earlier that the pub has a cat called Tom Paine who wears a ruff***

^Picture from Flickr courtesy of jamingray^


  1. I agree this place is a real gem. Just sitting in for a pint between christmas and new year my partner and I were charmed and entertained by the staff's patter and how they kept their legal clientele in check. - plus the food looked amazing.

    Well recommended!

    Great blog BTW - I will comb it carefully when I make my next visit to the UK - and thanks for featuring my photo of Tom Paine!

  2. Phew, glad you added in the Tom Paine reference - he's a legend!

  3. The name of this bar comes from Dutch sailors. It's long title is "the league & seven stars", named for the 7 united provinces of the netherlands.

  4. Brilliant place to go for Sunday lunch. No Sunday Roast but plenty of variety on the blackboard, plus Adnam's Ales from Southwold. The descent from the Gents is a bit hair-raising, though. Glad I only had 2 pints.

    Full marks for the food, beer and ambience. The cat looked happy, too
    Vic - Sheffield

  5. Great to hear it Vic. Thanks for popping by.